Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas - Hallways can often be dull, narrow corridors, so use exciting color combinations to create an object (above) that's cheap and can be changed and updated when you get tired of the last combination. Complete the look with a pair of luxurious accessories and practical shelves painted to match your scheme.

Make the stairs a feature with a beautiful patterned runner. Colorful stripes always look stylish, but to really make your hallway stand out from the crowd, choose something a little different; a strong geometric design in rich shades of red and purple will add warmth to an all-white corridor.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Look for dual-purpose furniture that can double as storage and seating, such as this luxurious upholstered ottoman.

Stair Runner Ideas

With careful planning, dark colors can work well in a small space. For example, a dark blue color on the walls can make a light corridor more intimate and welcoming. Take it a step further and paint the stairs the same shade, leaving the sides and floor white. Another advantage of a richly colored hallway is that it makes the rooms facing it lighter and more spacious.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Make your hallway an extension of your outdoor space by painting the walls with a beautiful botanical pattern. Pair with natural stone tiles on the floor to keep the indoor/outdoor feel and add color to the stairs with a cool green rug.

Not bold enough for an orange living room? Then use this great uplifting color combination in your hallway, it'll add an instant wow factor but won't dominate as it's a space you pass through, not linger. Cover one or two walls with modern paper and paint the other walls. matching matte emulsion, adding a colorful striped rug and velvet accent chair to complete the look.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Our Best Small Hallway Decorating Ideas

Veil in natural science; Woodland Walk and Plain Check pillows; Mouse Runner and Cranberries, all by Vanessa Arbuthnott

Hallways without windows tend to feel a bit cold and empty because you have nowhere to add fabric. A way to deal with this is to hang a thick, speckled curtain on a pole above the front door; not only will this add a pop of pattern and colour, but it will also protect against cold drafts, keeping your home warmer in the winter months. It has light-enhancing cream walls and a practical tiled floor in warm honey tones, softened by a wicker runner.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Add a touch of luxury by pairing dark gold metallic wallpaper with white wood trim and pale yellow tiled floors for a bright and elegant look. Increase the level of luxury with cool legs and gold accessories. Also, add depth and drama to the look by replacing pale furniture with dark wood. When you think about it, hallways, stairs and landings are an important part of a family home and you spend a lot of time walking through them. A room makes a first impression on visitors, so it should look great. For the past 14 years we have been designing, restoring and decorating rooms, staircases and landings for our clients in Bath and Bristol.

How To Paint Stair Hallways (using Single Ladder & No Planks)

One of the most popular searches on our site is how to renovate foyers, stairs, and landings. People are looking for ideas for rugs, decor, lighting and more, and we're showing some of our designs below.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

When it comes to a striped stair rug, there's nothing more frustrating than seeing stripes that don't line up. This is a particular problem with wideband because the deviation is very obvious. But there is a way out. We use a supplier who cuts the loops, bends the strips and secures them so they line up from tread to tread. We wrote a separate blog on this topic: striped carpet on winding stairs.

In this project we also reconfigured the staircase to create more space in the hall, installed a new oak bottom step, parquet flooring and other features such as an art deco coat rack with seat and storage.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Best Stairway Decorating Ideas And Designs For 2022

These Victorian stairs were in a dirty state before we renovated them with a stylish striped rug. The stairs and spindles were painted bright white, and the pine banisters were stripped and varnished. We also restored the rail to create an authentic Victorian look.

We design foyers, stairs and landings to be welcoming and tidy, with ample storage, stylish lighting and stair carpeting to draw attention to the first floor.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

We make good use of the downstairs space as a wardrobe and clutter storage. In the space below, we installed a dressing table with additional rear access for the vacuum cleaner and other items. In a similar location, we've also installed a home network hub that's not in the way, but accessible when needed. In the picture below, you can see how a simple application of MDF strips replicates the molded panels in the rest of the hallway. After painting, the space below appears to be part of the original building.

Genius Decorating Ideas For Small Hallways And Stairs

It is useful to have storage in the hallway for cards, keys, shoes, coats and general waste. We design and install custom shoe cabinets to keep your hallway clean. We hide electricity meters in cabinets painted to match the color of the wall. We also designed and installed dovecots to organize the mast with niches and key hooks.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

The foyer is also a place to display quality furniture and artwork. We put in side tables, plant stands and even made a mobile phone for the client based on her paintings (all perfectly lit of course)

How about this custom seat we designed for shelter and general storage? A storage compartment hides the water softener (it was just sitting in the hallway!) and the solid oak seat slides up for more storage. Our clients own a house from the 1970s and love Art Deco. We saw similarities between the shapes and styles of the 1970s and Art Deco and experimented with ideas to find the following:

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Most Popular 75 Beautiful Hallway Ideas And Designs Design Ideas For January 2023

One of our trusted carpenters fabricated and sawed the object. See how we created the petal shapes:

We design many of our hallways with wide engineered oak boards. They turned out to be particularly impressive, finished in hard wax oil, and create a wow factor when entering the home.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

We create decorative schemes for all types of lobbies, stairs and platforms. This 1930s home had dark carpet and pine woodwork, giving it a very gloomy feel.

Ideas To Update Your Hallway For Good Feng Shui

We painted it white, leaving only the handrail to be cleaned and varnished. Here we developed a monochrome decorative scheme with black and white striped rugs and patterned wallpaper.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

An elegant chandelier will do for lighting the corridor; be sure to check the fall; the chandeliers look great in the photo, but some hang too low. We also place spotlights around the lobby in a separate lighting system to highlight paintings and other elements, creating interest and a warm welcome for guests. You can read our separate tips for home lighting.

The challenge for oddly shaped patios with spindle balustrades is deciding how to finish the carpet. As you will see, we have developed several designs to suit the different shapes that correspond to the thresholds of adjoining rooms.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Victorian Hallway Archives

We usually decorate hallways in neutral tones, which allows the carpet to stand out. To add interest, we hung stylish wallpaper on the wall that leads up with the stairs, and otherwise we designed a large stenciled mural to add that feature. We almost always choose to paint the wood white; The transformation from a dark wooden scheme to a light cozy look is extraordinary. The only time we advised leaving the wood as it was was when the lobby was beautifully renovated to its original 1920's design.

The hallway is the first space that guests will see. Make that first impression; make sure it's good.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Since 2004 we have been providing interior design and property refurbishment for our clients in Bath and Bristol. We do everything; just sit back and let us do the work. If you're planning a renovation and think we can help, find out more about our interior design services. A British interior and renovation blog helping restorers and decorators get the most out of their home decor projects

How To Paint A Stairwell Without Hiring Help

Corridors, stairs and landings are key places in any home. We go up and through them, down and out of them, but in everyday life they tend to be underestimated.

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

They are an important part of our lives in our homes, but we rarely think of them as a stylish space. So we think it's time to give them the attention they deserve and a chance to inspire your next project to transform small spaces with big potential.

We've rounded up twenty style ideas for hallways, stairs, and patios of all sizes and budgets. Read on at the risk of inspiration

Hallway Stairs And Landing Decorating Ideas

Hall Stairs And Landing Ideas Grey

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