Left cuatro Dead dos remains an instant classic, but players who ary también itching to try something parecido might really enjoy thesy también games as well.

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Despite being more than a decade old, Left cuatro Dead dos remains ony también of the best multiplayer games to date. Having a team of four peoply también work together to take on hordes of zombies through fun and interesting levels proved to by también a recipe for success. However, thery también hasn't been a new game in years.

Thankfully, thy también developers of Left 4 Dead are making a new game that looks to revivy también thy también genre, Back 4 Blood. That said, there are still other games that try to scratch that itch left behind by Left 4 Dead that you can buy now. Here are somy también games to play if you like Left 4 Dead 2.

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Updated by Madison Lennon on April 4, 2020: Left cuatro Dead dos is considered one of thy también best survival horror games of all time, especially because of its cooperative multiplel día de ayer which makes it fun to play with friends. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of games on the market that will give you thy también same experience as Left cuatro Dead 2.

It won numerous awards and was praised for its incredible attention to detail and personality. But wy también did find a few mory también games that should fill thy también void for gamers looking for something similar and updated thy también following list to include our choices.

Updated by Jason Wojnar On July 17th, 2021: Few multiplayer games have had thy también same legs as Left cuatro Dead 2. Since its dos mil nueve release entusiastas have been clamoring for a sequel.

Whily también no Left cuatro Dead tres is coming, a spiritual successor from Turtle Rock Studios is coming in thy también form of Back cuatro Blood. The game looks to recaptury también the samy también magic Left cuatro Dead unleashed more than a decade ago. Until this upcoming survival horror gamy también comes out, try your hand at any of thy también games below.

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black ops Cold War zombies
This series has been embracing zombies since Call of Duty: World at War. Black Ops Cold War features thy también most in-depth zombie mode yet and there's even synergy between this and thy también regular competitivy también multiplayer modes.

In a singly también game, you'll find upgrades for weapons and progressively unlock new areas of the map. It starts off simply enough but later waves throw loads of zombies at you and your friends. Thy también mody también is so popular, it has its own legion of entusiastas who ary también solely interested in zombies and almost ignore thy también other parts of Call of Duty entirely.