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The actors then discuss why “Doctors” appealed to lớn them as a project.

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Kyên ổn Rae Won says, “It’s my first time playing a doctor. I felt burdened because the script has many cheesy lines, but I’m excited to lớn play a bright role after so long since ‘Attic Cat’ and ‘My Little Bride.’”

He shares his thoughts on acting in difficult medical scenes, & says, “Director Oh Chung Hwan covers for my weak spots. It’s important for me to lớn be able lớn effortlessly say medical terms, but I also have to lớn authentically portray the emotions of a doctor, & he covers for me with other aspects.”

On the other h&, Park Shin Hye cites the interesting role và her teamwork with Kyên Rae Won as factors in her decision.

She states, “The manuscript was fun và Yoo Hye Jung is a character unlượt thích any I’ve done before. Moreover, I’ve sầu always worked alongside people my age, so it’s nice to lớn film with the reliable older Klặng Rae Won.”

She distinguishes Yoo Hye Jung from other drama heroines & says that the character’s charm is being unrefined and very human. She explains, “She does not trust people, works hard alone, & doesn’t know how to lớn love sầu or give sầu.

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She puts up walls because she doesn’t want lớn get hurt. I previously portrayed characters who freely express their love và embrace other people, so it’s refreshing lớn be challenging myself with a different role. However, it’s hard lớn say that I will break the mold. I can’t transsize 100 percent.”

She shares that she và her character have sầu some similarities as well in that they are both easy-going, & have sầu been hurt by people when they started working at a young age, although their sources of pain differ.

Meanwhile, KBS is set khổng lồ premiere another medical drama starring Jang Hyuk called “Beautiful Mind,” which will be airing on the same day as “Doctors.”

When asked about this, Park Shin Hye comments, “The quality focus of our drama is the process of people’s growth as they meet in the hospital setting. This is what differentiates ‘Doctors’ from ‘Beautiful Mind.’”

As for Klặng Rae Won, he quips, “I’m sorry lớn Jang Hyuk, but, ‘Beautiful Mind?’ I’ll be looking forward to it.”

“Doctors” premieres on June trăng tròn at 10 p.m. KST. Are you excited?

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