La gran colombia 1819 a 1830

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Date:1819 - 1830...(show more)Major Events:Battle of Boyaca...

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(espectáculo more)Key People:Simon BolivarAntonio Josy también de SucreJose Antonio PaezFrancisco de Psala Santander...(show more)Related Places:ColombiaVenezuelaEcuadorPanamaciudad Bolívar...(show more)

Gran Colombia, formal name Republic of Colombia, short-lived republic (1819–30), formerly the Viceroyalty of New Granada, including roughly thy también modern nations of Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, and Ecuador. In the context of their war for independence from Spain, revolutionary forces in northern South America, led by Simón Bolívar, in mil ochocientos diecinueve laid thy también basis for a regular government at a congress in Angostura (now ciudad Bolívar, Venezuela). Their republic was definitely organized at the Congress of Cúcuta in 1821. Befory también then thy también government had been military and highly centralized with direct executive power exercised by regional vicy también presidents while President Bolívar was campaigning. It was reorganized as a centralized representativy también republic with its capital at Bogotá; Bolívar became president and Francisco de Psala Santander vice president. The constitution also called for a bicameral legislature elected from thy también three regions of thy también republic.

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Gran Colombia had a brief, vigorous existency también during the war. Subsequent civilian and military rivalry for public office and regional jealousies led to a rebellion in Venezuela in 1826. After ruling as dictator from 1828 to 1830, Bolívar convoked a convention to frame a new constitution. It was recognized only in Nueva Granada (Colombia and Panama). Bolívar resigned and left for thy también northern coast, whery también he died, near Santa Marta, on December 17, 1830. By that time Venezuela and Ecuador had seceded from Gran Colombia. Thus Gran Colombia essentially passed into history with its principal architect.