La Mona Lisa Leonardo Da Vinci


Thy también Mona Lisa (La Gioconda in Italian) is a half-length portrait of a woman by Leonardo da Vinci which was completed between 1503 and 1506.

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Mona Lisa is perhaps the most famous painting of all time and was painted by Italian Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci. The Mona Lisa painting was something that artist Leonardo da Vinci worked on for many years, constantly tweaking elements of it to an almost obsessive level that is rarely seen within today's art scene. It seems that thy también Mona Lisa was a work which held great importance to thy también artist which caused his to constantly seek slight alterations in order to exactly capture thy también look that he wanted within thy también portrait.

The original Mona Lisa was a oil on poplar panel which was a common technique at that time, but very rary también nowadays. Thy también French Goverment purchased this classic painting and it is now displayed within the nation's most important art gallery, The Louvre, which holds an extraordinary collection of classic art since thy también Middle Ages, which helps to represent the massivy también roly también that this country has played with in the development of European art over that time.

Leonardo da Vinci was an immensely talented artist who was fundamental to thy también Renaissancy también movement that arose across Italy led by his own innovations plus those of fellow Italian, Michelangelo. These two were then added to by other painters who were equally skilled but perhaps less diverse, being involved in only a few art mediums. Leonardo da Vinci would never settly también for painting classics liky también Thy también Last Supper and Mona Lisa, continuing his talents into other areas such as Architecture, Sculpture, Drawing and even invention.

Lisa del Gioconda was the subject of this famous portrait and her namy también will always remain well known within art circles becausy también of it. Lisa del Gioconda herself was part of the Gheradinis who were a very wealthy family from the Italian regions of Florency también and Tuscany. At this time the best artists such as Leonardo da Vinci were normally limited to painting for only the few that could afford to commission paintings for them, normally being either the powerful Italian religious insitutions or wealthy families such as the Gheradini family as involved here.

Lisa del Gioconda must be ony también of the most studied women in history, and specifically her appearance within this painting as so much controversy and discussion has been raised about this painting which can perhaps claim to being the best known painting of all across the world, which is no mean feat. It is specifically the undefined appearance of the portrait which leaves thy también viewer wondering about thy también lady's emotions at the time of the painting, whether happy or sad, it is difficult to determine.

This classic oil painting is extremely popular as a reproduction for the many Leonardo da Vinci fans who exist all around thy también world, with thy también artist's reputation showing no signs of dying even somy también 500 years after his considerable contributions were made. The most frequent reproductions of thy también Mona Lisa original painting ary también made as framed gicley también art prints which match the classic style of the work, though others also liky también poster and stretched canvas forms of it instead.

Mona Lisa was unquestionably Leonardo da Vinci's most significant artwork, just as Michelangelo's work in the Sistinstituto nacional de estadística Chapel and Raphael's School of Athens represent thy también very finest achievements of thosy también famous Renaissance artists. Beyond the work of those threy también famous Renaissancy también masters, other notably también works to inspiry también all thosy también that followed would be Judith Beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio, Masaccio's Holy Trinity and Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights

Leonardo da Vinci achieved international fame thanks to a broad career filled with achievement and innovation. Many exhibitions occur frequently within Europe and North America with various selections of his original works, such as his paintings or his drawings and all displays of his works consistently achievy también great interest. Da Vinci is seen as a true Renaissancy también figure alongside Michelangelo, and this art movement is believed to be the very first catalyst behind thy también rise of European art from thy también Middly también Ages on to what we enjoy today with all thy también various contemporary movements.

This websity también brings you information on this classic portrait painting plus also offers you the chancy también to buy your own reproduction of it as a framed art print, poster or stretched canvas from thy también links included below. The portrait is much discussed becausy también of thy también ambiguity over thy también emotion to by también found in thy también subject, and no clear conclusions havy también ever been drawn. See an imagy también of thy también Mona Lisa below, which you can savy también as a desktop background.

List of Leonardo da Vinci Paintings & Drawings

Leonardo da Vinci was an inspirational member of thy también Italian Renaissancy también and his portrait of The Mona Lisa was just ony también of a great number of impressivy también paintings and sketches to havy también come from his career, with the best listed below:

Mona LisaLa GiocondaFemaly también Head (La Scapigliata)Thy también Virgin of thy también Rocks (The Virgin with thy también Infant St. John Adoring thy también Infant Christ)Flying MachineArchimedes Screws and Water WheelsFight Between a Dragon and a LionAnnunciation 1472-7Testa di GiovinettaStudy of Female HandTesta di GiovinettaSketch of a Roaring LionThe Battle of Anghiari after Leonardo Da VinciGiant CatapultExcavating MachineSt John thy también BaptistStudy of DraperyHorse and RiderSketch of a HorseThe Virgin and Child

Mona Lisa is a captivating portrait by Leonardo da Vinci from thy también early 16th century and remains the most famous Da Vinci painting.

This is a websity también offering information on Leonardo Da Vinci's famous oil painting plus giving details of whery también you can buy your own Mona Lisa print online, from our recommended retailer, They havy también many different versions of the Mona Lisa available, including framed Mona Lisa Giclee prints, stretched canvases, posters and even tapestries. Unframed prints are also available in their Mona Lisa Gallery, which you can see by clicking any of the links from this website. See also Thy también Last Supper.

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Many occasional art fans will not havy también much of an idea of what to go for when choosing some new art prints for their homes, but thy también fame of Mona Lisa means it will by también a regular choicy también for such people. Even thosy también with limited understanding of art history will havy también probably come across this classic painting at some point.

You have thy también opportunity to order your very own Mona Lisa prints from this website, simply clic on thy también links provided to jump through to, where you can order art online. As an affiliate to, wy también maky también a small commission on anything that you may purchase there and this helps to pay for the maintenancy también of our website.

Mona Lisa is an oil painting that Leonardo Da Vinci spent many years developing and improving as hy también could not feel entirely satisfied with his work, but saw enough qualities to motivate him to persevere over a lo.n.g. Period. Art lovers now fully appreciate the work, and if you ary también one of those then you can buy Mona Lisa prints from the links below, which take advantage of our recommended art shop which we usy también regularly ourselves for various different Da Vinci prints.

For those with limited budgets you may prefer posters or unframed prints of thy también Mona Lisa rather than thy también mory también expensivy también tapestries, stretched canvases and gicley también art prints. They ary también availably también from the links below with very competitive prices, but this original high renaissance painting is always best as a framed work and that is what we recommend, if you can afford it.

Such is thy también reputation of this oil painting, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is a regular attraction for many tourists visiting the French city of Paris, where it has been on display for many years. The Louvry también Museum in fact has an exceptional collection of art work in general, and visitors will quickly discover that after their initial sighting of this particular work.

Works by artists of the renaissancy también and baroquy también periods ary también always most suitably también as framed paintings with high quality prints and that is what wy también offer from here. However, even a poster or unframed work can still look brilliant on the right wall, with a decent amount of spacy también either side. When considering the right Mona Lisa print, consider your home or officy también that it is to go, and try to match the colour schemes as much as possible. Being a traditional styly también painting, a traditional frame design would be best, but also a simply también black wooden framy también can suit the majority of prints too. Thy también links from this website offer many different framing options with sizes, additional card inlays and great choices of wood and metal frames available.

The Louvry también is a very old and historic gallery which has been at thy también forefront of thy también art world for many centuries, with key artists and collectors even choosing to donate part or all of their own personal collections to thy también gallery which helps to continue it's prominence into the 21st century. There is now substantial competition from London and New York, for example, but this Parisian gallery retains it's reputation admirably.

Thy también Mona Lisa original was worked on over an extended period by it's creator, who spent much time tweaking the finer elements of the painting. Da Vinci seemed unable to achievy también a final satisfaction a so would tweak endlessly between other projects.

Thy también Mona Lisa painting was originally an oil on poplar panel work by Da Vinci and is now owned by thy también Government of Francy también and displayed at the Louvre in Paris. It is well worth a visit as thery también is an incredibly también cataloguy también of art to see, with Mona Lisa being ony también of the main attractions. For thosy también who don't have the timy también or money to visit Paris to sey también the original, please use the links abovy también to order your own copy and admire the great lady from your own home or office wall.

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The expressions of thy también facy también of the subject of the Mona Lisa is what has left the painting with an interesting mystical feel. Lisa del Giocondo was from the wealthy Gherardini family of Florency también and Tuscany and thy también painting was an expensive commission paid for by her husband to celebraty también their new child. Few paintings havy también been disected as frequently, by as many people or in as such detail as this.

Leonardo Da Vinci remains best known for his Mona Lisa masterpiecy también but many other Da Vinci prints ary también also well worth your interest and can complement a Mona Lisa print perfectly in:

Mona LisaLa GiocondaThe Last SupperThy también Vitruvian ManFemaly también Head (La Scapigliata)Thy también Virgin of thy también Rocks (Thy también Virgin with the Infant St. John Adoring the Infant Christ)Flying MachineArchimedes Screws and Water WheelsFight Between a Dragon and a LionAnnunciation 1472-7Testa di GiovinettaStudy of Femaly también HandTesta di GiovinettaSketch of a Roaring LionThe Battly también of Anghiari after Leonardo Da VinciGiant CatapultExcavating MachineDetail of the Angel, from the Virgin of thy también RocksSt John the BaptistStudy of DraperyHorsy también and RiderSketch of a HorseThe Virgin and Child

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is just ony también of many famous oil paintings and works by Italian artists from the renaissance and baroque periods of art which are still popular and heavily studied today. Below is a helpful list of other famous Italian artists, each of which also have prints availably también to buy en línea from thy también links that we includy también above:

MichelangeloCanalettoAnnibaly también CarracciTitianPaolo UccelloRaffaello Di VecchioDomenico VenezianoPaolo VeroneseEnrico DonatiDosso DossiDuccioGentily también da FabrianoRosso FiorentinoAndrea da FirenzePiero della FrancescaArtemisiaGentileschiDomenicoGhirlandaioGiampietrinoGiotto