Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

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Working with just 350 square feet, Kyle Schuneman chose furniture and decor that kept the space open and harmonious. (Kathy Falkenberg/Los Angeles Times)

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

This coffee table is an example of a dual-purpose furniture choice. The table not only serves as a place to store books, but its raised design allows it to function as a dining area as well. (Kathy Falkenberg/Los Angeles Times)

Space Saving Tips For Decorating A Very Small Apartment

Slim floor lamps take up little space and provide functional lighting above the sofa. Candles are another alternative to table lamps that eat up space. (Kathy Falkenberg/Los Angeles Times)

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

The patterned ottoman can serve as a desk chair when you're working or as an extra chair when company comes over. (Kathy Falkenberg/Los Angeles Times)

As micro-apartments are on the rise, micro-decoration is far behind. More and more people are stuck with limited space and don't give up on design for a smaller footprint.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Small Studio Apartment Design: An Interior Designer's Favorite Tips

A recent project challenged me to design a 350 square foot apartment and make it work and feel like a large home, while allowing for all the usual activities: sleeping, eating, working and playing.

It is important to understand how the space should function. Once you know this, you can identify the furniture you need and then strategize to make those pieces look good and work harmoniously.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

For that, I first choose furniture that requires a lot of work and can be used for dual purposes. In the last project I used:

Space Saving Tips For Your New Apartment

• A patterned ottoman slips under the table to serve as a table stool and extra seating for guests.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

• A retractable coffee table, which when raised allows guests to dine on the couch, eliminating the need for a dedicated kitchen.

• A set of three sofa side nesting tables offers another great way to have more surfaces than just one.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Studio Apartments Big Tips For A Small Space

Second, I avoid sacrificing land area as much as possible. Micro-decorated surfaces are in high demand because every inch of space needs to be used carefully. Why I like it:

• Use slim floor lamps in living areas as they provide task lighting while keeping coffee tables open for other items.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Thirdly, I like to create atmosphere and atmosphere through glassware. The airy feel of glass containers helps to give the impression of an open space. "Everyone who sees it wants it," he said. Buy the most popular bouquet on TikTok at the best price

Practical Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

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Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

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"Home is where the heart is." A house becomes a home with its people, feelings and unity. Each house speaks about the character of its inhabitants. Who doesn't want their place to be a little more spacious, bright and welcoming? Even if you dream of a bigger home, you can maximize your space by maximizing the majority of your home.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Design Ideas For Decorating A Small Studio Apartment

The Bright Side offers amazing suggestions and ideas to make the most of your space and spice things up with a modern touch.

Swap a traditional bed for this bunk bed to create that much-needed extra space in your child's room for playing or reading. Eye-catching with a minimal and modern design. In addition, it also deals with the issue of privacy.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Can't decide whether you need a desk or sofa in your room? Why not both? With this space-saving minimalist design, you can add both to your living room. It also creates space for storing books and documents.

Studio Apartment Design Ideas You'll Love

Use the empty wall space and create this unique decor and storage space. This includes books, memorabilia, souvenirs or Using contrasting colors emphasizes the style and makes the wall stand out.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

A bed above your workspace or vice versa: this two-in-one design is the future. Use vertical space: add stairs and double the available space in your room. Use the upstairs for anything: a study, a desk, or even an extra bed.

Instead of a traditional drawer, convert a pull-up desk to make room under the hood. Attach a mirror to the bottom and you're done: a classy dressing table with all your things in one place. Never look elsewhere for your accessories again. You can adapt it to a study table or craft corner.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Architectural Drawings: 10 Clever Plans For Tiny Apartments

Folding beds or wall beds are multifunctional furniture. Use it as a sofa during the day and as a bed at night. It's perfect for small spaces that can't have a separate living room.

If vertical space is limited, these bunk beds work wonders. Space-saving, minimalist and perfect for homes with lots of kids. Instead of a bed, you can also adapt the space as a chest of drawers to store children's toys or extra beds.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Now that's what you call a space-saving hack plus a space doubler. These two floors offer a large amount of storage space without much effort. The area above can be used as desired, while your belongings are stored below. This decor is really carving its niche.

Beautiful Studio Apartment Ideas That Will Make You Want To Go Tiny

This space works best for frequently used items. When you need something, open the cabinet and put it back without much hassle. Works best for toys, shoes, and even books.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Side tables add storage space in a sparse room. Customize them and add books, candles, humidifiers, etc.

If you want your bedroom to be spacious, get rid of the coffee table and replace it with this small floating side shelf. It creates a lot of space in the bedroom and is clean and modern.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Ikea Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

It's for the person who desperately needs a desk but "just doesn't have room in that small space." Remove a drawer or cabinet and install this drawer table anywhere in your home. Pull out when needed and away you go. No additional space required.

Install a pull-out cabinet and you're done: a secret place to stash your extras. This can be done anywhere in the house: bedroom, hall or bathroom.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

If you don't have a kitchen table in your house, don't worry. This small customization offers a folding dining table that will make your small space elegant and sophisticated.

Small Living Room Ideas To Maximise Your Lounge

For additional storage space,                  . Create a rack, hang hooks or create elegant shelves: use it to store spices, cups, extra dishes, cleaning products, shoes or brooms.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

This side space is often neglected in homes. Use it by creating a walk-in closet to store cleaning supplies, power supplies, extra food, and even shoe racks. It takes up very little space and is ideal for storing extra household items. If you don't want to install a wardrobe, you can install a shelf instead.

Invest in furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. This multifunctional mini table takes up almost no space and can be used as a side table, laptop table or simple coffee table.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Space Saving Ideas To Steal From This Tiny And Perfect Paris Apartment

An unconventional design will always make your small house stand out. It looks great and offers amazing storage space. Cut shelves into the walls, arrange books, toys or display your collection of souvenirs. You can keep it open or add glass doors to create matching wardrobes.

Bathroom sinks can be installed behind the toilet to save space and create a minimalist decor. This not only saves space but also saves water as the pool water can also be used for washing.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

This toilet holder is perfect for small spaces to store toiletries, toilet paper or bath towels. You can also choose an elegant cabinet next to the toilet.

Apartment Living Room Ideas Whether You Own Or Rent

Easily combine with storage to make your decor stand out. Store extra toilet paper rolls in Xs-and-Os decor or simple and creative furniture like sheep or clouds. Fun, effective and practical!

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Above-bath sinks make use of unused space. You can even install one faucet on both. Or combine the bathtub and sink faucet on one platform for a clean look. One of the natural consequences of growth in your personal life is growth in your product. If you move in with someone, get married, get a pet, have a child, or bring an aging parent to live with you, your assets will naturally grow as a result. You better not live in a small apartment!

"Over the years, homes have gotten bigger and the average family size has gotten smaller, but we still think there's a need for bigger homes," said an article by the property management team at Houston's Green Residential. "What if the real solution to the need for more space is to maximize the space you already have?"

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Ways To Get The Most From Studio Apartment Floor Plans

When a family outgrows their apartment, the natural decision is to move to a bigger place. However, this is not always practical or possible, and there are many ways to save space without changing your surroundings.

The first and most effective way to improve the space problem in your apartment is to clean it. You probably own more than you really need and you haven't used it in a long time.

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

Do yourself a favor and pick out the things you haven't used in the last year. Put them in piles to donate or toss. You'd be surprised at the amount of trash you never use.

Expert Advice: 11 Tips For Making A Room Look Bigger

Most small apartment owners do not fully utilize wall space for storage. You can hang shelves, baskets and cubes on all walls to store your things. You can too

Space Saving Tips For Small Apartments

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