Ji Hyun Woo, who stars in the cable drama "Awl," has been granting interviews but that doesn"t mean he will answer every question that he"s asked. Not if the question is too personal. For example, when he was recently interviewed for the Korean truyền thông outlet Sports Hankooki he was asked about his 2014 break-up with actress Yoo In Na.

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The couple announced their breakup in May of năm trước shortly after the actor"s discharge from his two-year mandatory military duty.

According lớn the interview in Sports Hankooki, the actor is still not ready khổng lồ discuss his break up.

"I am the guy first so I can"t talk about it first," he reportedly said.

When the couple broke, up, her agency, YG Entertainment, did not give a reason. The agency said that the break-up was the actress" personal business và they did not want to lớn discuss it.

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The ongoing interest in the actors" relationship may stem from the fact that they were not shy about announcing that they were dating. They met on the set of "Queen Inhyun"s Man," when she played an actress playing Queen In Hyun. He played a time-traveling scholar loyal to the real Queen In Hyun. Although the character unpredictably traveled back và forth in time, his love was strong enough to lớn eventually keep him in the present.

And the two actors became fond of each other in real life.

Ji Hyun Woo publicly declared his feelings for Yoo In mãng cầu during an interview. Shortly after that the two were photographed on a late night date. On a radio show she said, "We decided that he will stop being Inhyun"s Man và instead, start being Yoo In Na"s Man."

He enlisted for his mandatory military service two months after that declaration. Most of the time the couple dated he was serving in the military và they did not have many opportunities lớn meet. Fans noticed her absence during his discharge ceremony & the couple announced that they broke up shortly after that.

After his discharge from military duty, he appeared in the dramas "Trot Lovers" with Jung Eun Ji và "Angry Mom" with Kim Hee Sun. Yoo In na recently appeared in "You Who Came From Another Star" with Jun Ji Hyun & Kim Soo Hyun and "My Secret Hotel" with nam Goong Min.

"Awl" started on October 24 & airs on Saturdays & Sundays. In the drama Ji Hyun Woo plays a store manager who refuses khổng lồ follow his boss" orders & fire the store"s temporary workers. He decides lớn join the labor union & help the employees fight their unfair dismissal.